ZZ Top ~ Eliminator (Full Album)

ZZ Top Eliminator (Full Album). I don’t own any of the music in this video. Credit goes to ZZ Top for the music.
1. Gimme All Your Lovin’ 0:00-3:59
2. Got Me Under Pressure 4:05-8:01
3. Sharp Dressed Man 8:08-12:21
4. I Need You Tonight 12:26-18:36
5. I Got The Six 18:43-21:34
6. Legs 21:39-26:07
7. Thug 26:18-30:28
8. TV Dinners 30:32-34:20
9. Dirty Dog 34:26-38:22
10. If I Could Only Flag Her Down 38:27-42:04
11. Bad Girl 42:09-45:24


  1. annoying and disturbing are fucking Germens – with their fucking Advertising spots – one after the other – knowing that the youthj love this record –  Jesus fuck the godles condemned Germens!

  2. perfect recorded – and good to Dance – rock`n roll made at Austin/Texas – of  uncle Sams  missioners of Freedom  – lets rock the world to Peace — Peace must make fun and happy also – Baby – lets rock that Thing! – it s  a good Thing – this Thing! phantastc! the drive – of this Thing! –

  3. yea kill em all just because they don’t know what good blues rock is geezz instead pray that they get a soul and learn to shuffle dem feet.

  4. Well, I just have to disagree with the majority here. I realize that will get me the flame-thrower treatment; but know what? I really don’t give a flak. Been disagreeing with the majority almost all my life I guess. Because to me – this is nowhere near the best ZZ album ever- not even close I’m afraid. In fact, in my not-so-humble opinion, this is when they started going downhill rapidly- cranking out commercial product for the masses, with the same generic videos that they used for the next 25-plus years. Now don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against the bimbos- and I love hot-rods….but I liked the “old” ZZ- when the blues was the thang.The real stuff, before all the blow.
    I have seen the boys live a few times, and have always loved Reverend Billy, Dusty and Frank- ever since the first time I heard them way back in high school in the early seventies. Now, just so you all don’t totally hate me even more- I actually do think some of the later songs are great- and the playing and singing is always top-notch.
    But there’s just way too much of that 80’s -style over-produced sound. I am a musician myself, have been since I was ten (played full-time ina few road bands when I was much younger, although of course I would never assume to place myself anywhere near the calibre of such a great band as the TOP). But to me, they shouldn’t be about synthesizers, special effects and such. Vintage guitars and amps and basses- straightforward drums without all the electronic gimmickry- and definitely not all the synths and programmed Linn drums. Not that I have anything against keyboards or electronica- but digital synths and such have no place in ZZ music. I’m sorry Billy- I know you guys did what you felt you had to back then, but after Deguello and El Loco, you lost me.
    Of course, I’ll still listen to all the early stuff, and I did like Live In Texas as well as a few later-era cuts like “Head’s In Mississippi”etc.
    I apologize for the long-winded post folks, but I felt I had to say my piece, and give one opinion from the other side. (You know what they say about opinions….)

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