ZELDA: Top 30 Boss Themes (10-1)


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  1. All 30 I’m thinking, okay, where is Malladus Beast phase 2, i was starting to get really annoyed that it wasn’t on there and then my soul was caressed with Zelda’s voice

  2. Your list is great! I must say it, Sprit Tracks is not the best Zelda, of course it isn’t but, God, it’s soundtrack is awesome at least!

  3. The two first Zelda games I played were the DS ones, in their respective orders, but Spirit Tracks’ final boss theme gets me every time. The transition from the sacred duet into it is beautiful, and the recurring themes from the sacred duet are present throughout most of the song. And that buildup into the main overworld theme always gives me chills. Not to mention it’s one of the few songs in the series to use an organ, making it feel a bit more special. Then again, a lot of my feelings towards the song may be nostalgia, since the game was the second one I played, but it’s a beautiful piece of music nonetheless. Glad to see it make #1 on someone’s list.

  4. fuck everything about spirit tracks & yea even its music sux compared to the rest of the series, its a trash game & should be a part of the disastrous zelda games that are the CDI games.. any1 who says anything positive about spirit tracks at all is NOT a true zelda fan

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