Z Z Top at Super Bowl Live 2017

February 4, 2017 Downtown Houston Texas


  1. still kings. after all these years killing it on stage. is that a doobie billy is smokin??? lol… awesome shit here. super legit and real guitar playing. some raw guitar tones. i bet it sounded killer live. billy always has killer tones.

  2. Hard to believe they are knocking on the door of 70 years old!!!! All you nay sayers give me a motha fuckin’ break – can YOUR granddaddy do this and still make hot women want to rip their panties off for him???? If not then shut the fuck up!

  3. Just watched the videos from rockpalast 1980. What a difference. I am a huge fan of Gibbons but this is so weak it aint funny. Way past their prime, and using backing tracks. Billy used to have monster tone and chops. All gone now. Getting old is not fun. Go listen to live tapes from 1971 and hear how good they used to be.

  4. One of those bands where you can in now way replace one guy! They’re all unique! So legendary! Love them a lot! For decades. God bless them! So good they’re still around!

  5. When I read the comments it seems as if it’s not allowed to criticise Billy Gibbons. So I will not do it.
    Trump is not the only american who does’t like different opinions.
    p.s. I never heard Billy play so sloppy and without any inspiration.

  6. Make no mistake about it, Billy gets a great tone. This is a cell phone recording, so enough said about that. ZZ Top is a legendary band with a staggering body of work, particularly their early stuff. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like Franks drum sound anymore, but they’re still amazing. In the seventies there wasn’t a live act that could touch them, talk about thunder and precision. Kids today have no idea…

  7. Billy Gibbons should stop touring until he gets his guitar chops back together. This bad. He destroys his own image as guitar god by playing so lousy. It’s like he hasn’t practice for years. If I had paid money to listen to this I had demanded my money back.

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