Visit Nashville – What to See & Do in Nashville, TN

Thinking of visiting Nashville, Music City USA? Here are some ideas for what to see and do in Nashville on your next visit. From the Country Music Hall of Fame to Eating Hot Chicken to Listening to music on Broadway or at the Grand Old Opry.
Filmed in Nashville, TN
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

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  1. Excellent video as always, however, the building pictured at 0:30 is not the country music hall of fame. The hall of fame is just out of frame to the left. The building pictured is the Nashville civic center.

  2. Based on location do you have any lodging suggestions? We are planning on a visit soon and I’m not sure what to book for lodging since public transportation isn’t really am option.

  3. A few other, more obscure, things to do in Nashville;  Take a paddleboat ride down the Cumberland on the General Jackson with live music and entertainment.  Chicken and biscuits at the Loveless Café.  A plethora a new restaurants down in the Gulch which is also home to the Yazoo Brewery (the Dos Perros is pretty sweet!).  Visit the Belmont mansion on campus of Belmont University.  Visit Mount Olivet Cemetery for some grand monuments and statuary.  There is even a grave monument there which is a replica of Napolean Bonaparte’s tomb.  Go inside the Downtown Presbyterian Church on Church Street – one of only two remaining Greek Revival houses of worship remaining in the US and the interior is something totally unexpected.  Go inside the Union Station Hotel and the Hermitage Hotel both of which are pretty amazing.  The Hermitage Hotel also boasts what is called the “swankiest men’s restroom” in the country.  Visit Arrington Vineyards near Franklin (fantastic wines and people bring food, sit on the hill and enjoy the gorgeous rolling hills in the distance).  Visit Marathon Village which was a car manufacturing plant at the beginning of the 20th century.  Shops, a brewery, a live music venue and some cool old stuff to see like vintage Marathon Motor Cars dating back to around 1910.  The ruins of Fort Negley – one of the main fortresses built by Federal Troops as a defense around Nashville during the Civil War.  The Frist Center for the Visual Arts has some amazing exhibits.  Catch a Broadway play at TPAC…….  If you venture just an hour or so east or southeast of Nashville there is some beautiful nature to be had including many amazing waterfalls such as Burgess, Cummins, Foster, Greeter, Fall Creek Falls, and many others.  Also, if you travel to Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville you can catch a show called Bluegrass Underground which is the coolest concert venue ever – inside a cave and the acoustics are near perfection!  So, just some of the more obscure things to do.

  4. Addressing the dislike about two lanes coming in from the north on I-24;  Two interstates come in from the north the other being I-65 which is 16 lanes at one point.  Topographically, Nashville sits on the northwest corner of the Central Basin of Tennessee. There has not been much development along the I-24 corridor due to the change in terrain as the Central Basin changes over to the Highland Rim which is an elevation change of several hundred feet.  The development has occurred where the terrain is not nearly so sharp, hence, the traffic along I-65 is much more dense than what occurs along I-24. One can find 16 lanes along I-65 coming into Nashville because that is much more heavily populated than the I-24 corridor due to the topography.  I do agree, however, that public transportation is woefully inadequate and that is something that is being addressed by the city leaders on a regional basis.  Obviously, more rail lines are needed.

  5. Nashville kind of reminds me of Austin a little bit country and hipster but I think Austin has become more commercialized with SXSW and influx of yuppies, maybe Nashville is still the more indie local music city.

  6. I really like your videos (As you may have guessed by now), and the ones from the USA are really interesting to me, since I find that USA often gets “advertised” in all the wrong ways. I’ll be watching a video of someone traveling in USA and it’ll be like “Omg this building is tall”, “Oh wow, the Statue of Liberty”, “Oh, the Hollywood sign!” and weird observations like “There are so many people here! :O”, “This city is so diverse!” etc. which is probably all true, but it’s hardly a reason for me to visit the USA. It’s quite expensive to go over there after all. Obviously I would want to see the Statue of Liberty if I went to NY, but I wouldn’t go there just to see it.

    We have tall buildings in Europe, we have diverse cities, we have a lot of people, we have statues and signs all over the place etc. What we don’t have is your history (It’s completely different.), Native American history/culture, the massive nature areas etc. That stuff gets left out way too often imo. Obviously people know about things like the Grand Canyon, but NA is so huge that there’s much more out there that gets ignored when it comes to promoting tourism. I don’t really understand it though, since it seems so obvious to promote the things that tourists probably don’t get to see at home.

    War museums, theaters, specific interesting streets, architecture of Nashville (or wherever) etc. are things you’re completely unlikely to see or hear about in 99% of travel ads, documentaries etc. about USA and I don’t really get that. They seem oddly focused on promoting things that a lot of countries have as well.

    The videos on this channel are much more.. “real” in my opinion. It’s all about actually interesting things and about useful tips etc. which is much more useful than yet another picture of the Hollywood sign. The Hollywood sign is probably about as representative of USA as “I’m holding up the leaning tower of Pisa!” pictures are of Italy. 😛

  7. I cant believe you are in Nashville. That made me smile. Greetings from Singapore. Chattanooga, TN is my hometown. It is pretty nice, but not really youtube worthy

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