Top Ten Free To Play Games You Should Be Playing RIGHT NOW! (2017)

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  1. Rather than showing us the trailer I think you should’ve showed us the gameplay. I don’t think a card based game would ever like what I saw in this video.

  2. Dude wtf Paragon is better then all of your “top10” games like wtf you see first 10 f2p games and you say they are the best ffs

  3. Elder Scrolls Legends is actually more like Magic the Gathering and less like Hearthstone.

    Wildstar sucked back then. No wonder they are having issues getting a great player base :c

  4. well rest games are okay, but i don’t play pure PVP games like moba & arena games, if i want only pvp i download a game like Heroes & Generals, Wild Star & Secret world legends seem okay & nice, warframe kind of okay, but seems not as fun, marvel heroes well i prefer to create my own hero like male storm or female ice man & then customize their looks, that my take on this games 🙂

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