Top Five In Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the “greenest” cities in North America. The “Emerald City” is urban yet green, sophisticated and yet not snobby. Seattle has something for everyone. In this video, Erik The Travel Guy explores some of his favorite spots.

The Underground Tour – The guided walking tour begins beneath Doc Maynard’s Public House, moves to Pioneer Square, and then travels underground for an exclusive view of the buried city. 75- 90 minutes.

Fremont Troll – This amazing Troll Under the Bridge is an interactive, 6.5-ton, mixed media statue made by local artists.

The Museum of Flight – Large educational museum with aircraft & space vehicles on display, historical exhibits & more. General admission for adults is $21.00. The Museum is open daily from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

The Seattle Aquarium at the Seattle Waterfront – The best harbor views are from the central portion, near the Seattle Aquarium. The aquarium is a popular spot for families and offers an underwater viewing dome, coral-reef tank, otters & a touch-tank. Tickets for adults are $29.95; youth (ages 4-12) are $19.95. Open 9:30-5:00 PM daily.

The Space Needle – Iconic, 605-ft.-tall spire at the Seattle Center, with an observation deck & a rotating restaurant. The observation deck is open daily from 8:00 AM – midnight. Tickets range from $19-$29, with the earlier price for early morning and later evening.

If you’re traveling to Seattle soon, and want to know the best times to travel to Seattle and the best things to do in Seattle, check out our Seattle Itinerary! The itinerary has great tips for when to visit Seattle and where to go as well as recommendations on the signature and must-try dishes at the best local restaurants.

The itinerary also includes hotel recommendations and contact information for easy booking for all hotels and activities.


  1. Seattle is one of those places I’ve always wanted to live. Urban, but Green. I love it. When I get older I would love to move there. So much to do and so many people to meet. God I wish I lived there.

  2. Lol. Ignored completely the drug epidemic that exists in every corner In Downtown. If you are a Seattle resident, you know this is bs.
    We are glad that we can protest reality and we can show our city the way it is and not an adventure

  3. Great video, I’ve watched many videos about Seattle but never seen 3/5 of the locations..Great to see a different view!!!

  4. I just found your channel and subscribed to you! I’d really appreciate it if you checked out my channel and subscribed back so we can support each others channels xx

  5. Just there for a business trip and walked around over the weekend. Nothing extraordinary in Seattle. The city is very crowded where you can hardly find any parking. Everything will cost you money except for a few out-dated museum. What I really didn’t like about Seattle is all the noise, construction and traffic. If you are looking for something relaxing and eye-pleasing, don’t go there. If you are craving for city life, it seems to be alright.

  6. I’m flying to Seattle for a Alaska cruise in June and after the cruise we are staying in Seattle for a few days and this video helped me find things to do and places to explore, thank you!

  7. While in Seattle, check out the dicks there, and I don’t mean the people and male genitals, I mean the drive-in burger joint. It dots the city, so there may be a good chance to pass one on the road. Their burgers are super greasy but sooooo good!

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