Top Five Handheld Zelda Games

You’ve really got to hand it to Zelda on this one.
My Top Ten Zelda Games. Except they’re all handheld Zelda games. And just five Zelda games. Really, you could call is just the Top Five Handheld Zelda Games one could say. I love me a handheld Zelda game.


  1. My Top Five Best Handheld Zelda Games:
    5. Spirit Tracks (DS, 2009)
    4. Oracle Of Ages (GBC, 2001)
    3. Link’s Awakening (GB, 1992)
    2. A Link Between Worlds (3DS, 2013)
    1. The Minish Cap (GBA, 2005)

  2. My favorite Zelda was definitely A Link Between Worlds. It’s item system, MAJOR non-linearity because you didn’t pick up items in dungeons, the Shadow Link battles, the buttersmooth tight as fuck controls, and Links overall design made me love this game to oblivion.

  3. 5. Phantom Hourglass
    4. The Minish Cap
    3. Links Awakening (also DX)
    2. A Link Between Words
    1. Breath Of The Wild (xD)

  4. Tomorrow I’m picking up the Oracle games and Link’s Awakening DX cartridges for my GBC. First time playing Zelda! I wanted to start with A Link to the Past, but I don’t have a GBA or SNES and I have ceased to play emulators as of a couple of years ago. Original hardware or nothing.

  5. Man. My list is gonna be so weird, but here it goes…

    5. The Minish Cap (I really enjoyed the way this game used perspective to its advantage.)
    4. Link’s Awakening (It’s just a really solid game, with a solid story and solid dungeons)
    3. Oracle of Seasons (Same reasons as LA, except less strong on the story. But, the thing that puts this over the edge for me is that masterful Sword and Shield Maze in an otherwise very well crafted game.)
    2. Triforce Heroes (It was a nice change. I didn’t even mind the online play, even if it was a bit buggy at times and some of the people were dumb. But I found that the further you got, the more solid your online experience was. The levels and bosses were very well done. It would have been nice to just have some form of voice communication at times.)
    1. Oracle of Ages (On the same scope as Seasons, except the story is better. And I found that this game had some of my favorite handheld dungeons in any Zelda game. Jabu Jabu’s Belly is only beat out by the Sword and Shield Maze that I mentioned earlier for me.)

    As for the others…
    Phantom Hourglass is perfectly fine and enjoyable, I just don’t find it special or challenging.
    A Link Between is excellent, fun and the dungeons are well crafted. I loved the ice one that I forgot the name of. However, it missed out on me cause A Link to the Past exists. And I LOVE that game.
    Spirit Tracks was absolutely fantastic. The dungeons were great, the trains were solid. The story was nice and so were the bosses. I just wish I could say the wonky spirit flute didn’t ruin the entire experience for me.

  6. I remember playing Link’s Awakening DX because a friend convinced me to try it. Wasn’t looking forward to it because almost all of the GBC games were really bad quality and had terrible graphics. Coming into the game I was expecting pretty much a sequel to the original legend of Zelda (which I thought was pretty boring) and didn’t think much of it. Holy crap was I wrong! This game was so much fun! In fact, it’s the only Zelda game that after I beat it I went back and did a three heart run. I definitely support that it should be #1. I’m not a huge of retro games, but Links Awakening is one of the best games ever made. I dare everyone reading this to just try it.

  7. Do you mind if i ask what made the oracle games so bad? I played both of them when i was younger and i loved them to death and enjoyed them more than links awakening. I guess its just an opinion but i see a lot of people talk bad about them.

  8. Phantom Hourglass was my first Zelda game, and I love it to pieces… except for the Temple of the Ocean King. That was total BS, I remember raging so hard over that God damn repetitive temple that I kept dying on and made me take way too long to draw that stupid triforce on the door and when I got to the thing with the courage map hint it took me forever to figure out that you had to close the DS because HOW THE HECK EVEN DID THEY EXPECT A KID TO FIGURE THAT OUT ADSKKNFJK when I first played it. Other than that, I loved it. I’m sure the game has plenty flaws, but my opinion of it is just way too biased to care.

  9. Link’s awakening is the first? Lol the last two Dungeon’s suck, Turtle Rock and the eagle tower have the stupidest development of ant handheld Zelda game to date. Even the Oracle games were way better than Link’s awakening. Plus, the switching of item’s with the regular sword and shield, with things like the power bracelet really irks me. Why not have them basic upgrades instead of switching out for more regular items? That’s an issue with the oracle games too.

  10. Oh no, do we have an ocarina of time hater here? Sounds like he didn’t like it from how bitter he sounded when he said it “quote on quote” changes everything, changes everything compared to what, link to the past? Hahahahahaha, yeah right, they are more alike than a lot of people think and people who complain about ocarina or link to the past need to realize that the game they where defending probably has the same issue. I’m not gonna go on any longer of a tangent cuz I don’t even know if he actually hates/ doesn’t like ocarina.

  11. YES!!! I LOVE SPIRIT TRACKS AND I LOVE TRAINS!!!!! Also, this game has by far the most of “Zelda” in any Zelda game.

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