My apologies for the chart coming out late everyone. I had a family emergency with my mother being very ill in hospital. Thank-you for your understanding.

This is the official International Top 60 K-Pop Songs Chart for May 2017 (Week 3).’ It is a K-Pop chart where fans from every continent have the power to vote for what they believe are the best K-Pop songs currently.

VOTE HERE: ► http://kville-entertainment.polldaddy.com/s/top-50-may-2017-week-3

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► Songs are voted for using the Poll provided in the description in the video.

► Any song on the poll is eligible for voting – you need to vote for at least 10 songs and you can only submit your choice once.

► Each song you choose in your vote receives 1 point towards the chart. The day before the chart is due out, the poll will be closed, and we will make the chart based on those results.

► The songs that will be eligible each week must either:
1) Have been on the chart last week.
2) Have fallen off the chart last week.
3) Have been released since the last voting period closed.

► This means that if a song falls off, it has 1 week to return, or else it cannot come back on the chart.

► Songs can only remain on the chart for a maximum of 10 weeks. Songs that have been on the chart for 10 weeks will no longer be eligible for voting.

► To prevent the #1 position from being dominated from the same group/fandom, there are penalties that apply. If a song has been #1 for 1 week, they will lose 10% of their points if they are #1 the next week.

► 8 Week Award = Song that lasted 8 weeks on the chart.
► Gold Award = Song that has been in the Top 10.
► Platinum Award = Song that has been in the Top 10 for at least 2 weeks, or in the Top 5 for 1 week.
► Hot Entry = A song that has entered the chart within the Top 30 on its first week.


[Songs Eligible for Voting]

Signal – Twice
Shangri-La – VIXX
Princess Maker – SOLBI
Egoist – Roy Kim
Night – Young Cream
I Luv It – PSY
New Face – PSY
Are You In Love? – Navi ft. DinDin
Right? – Unnies
The Maze of Reality – Ha Dong Qn
Around – Hitchhiker x Taeyong
Sequence – ISU
Be There – Cheeze
Like You – Honeyst
You’re My Love – The East Light
Dry Flower – Han So A
Enough – Letter Flow
Don’t Be Mad – Cherry Factory
Suddenly – Roy Kim
Stay With Me – Romeo
Flower (You) – VAV
Wonder If – Yong Jun Hyung ft. Heize
Lullaby – Onew x Rocoberry
Fly Away – Kwon Jinah
Dance Dance – Day6
Crazy – Han Dong Geun
Now, We – Lovelyz
Love Therapy – Exy x Euna Kim ft. ZIA
Better Than Me – Sojung (of Ladies’ Code)
Tomboy – Hyukoh
Wanli – Hyukoh
If I Become An Adult – BonusBaby
Party – Waeb
Super Super Lonely – DINDIN
365 Fresh – Triple H
Spring Rain – BoA
Real Love – Henry
Surprise – Bumkey ft. Beenzino
You’re Different – JeA ft. Ra.D
Loved U – Mind U ft. Mad Clown
Wonderful Love – Momoland
Vanishing Paycheck – Stella Jang
Hole In One – VARSITY
Supreme – Reddy
Paint On Spring – Martin Smith
Week – Chung Ha
Lonely – Jonghyun ft. Taeyeon
Sonatine – LOOΠΔ 1/3
Killla Dreads – Skull, C Jamm, Jah Vinci
ADY – Boi B ft. Sik-K
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo – Berry Good
Hwi Hwi – Laboum
Ni Na No – Minzy ft. Flowsik
Very Very Very – 14U
Every Day I Love You – Vivi ft. Haseul LOOΠΔ
Paper Umbrella – Yesung
Easy Love – SF9
Because It’s Spring – Jessica Jung
Will You Go Out With Me – DIA
Always – Apink
Palette – IU ft. G-Dragon
Rumor – K.A.R.D
Ending Scene – IU
Back:Hug – Snuper
Leather Jacket – Hyukoh
Steal Your Heart – Unit Black
2Gether – INX
Please – BLACK6IX
Gajah – Gaeko
Take It – MVP
Hibernation – Yesung
Blue Moon – Hyolyn x Changmo
Take You Home – Baekhyun
She’s a Baby – Zico
Love Is – Teen Top
Night Rather Than Day – EXID
Double Eight – Booster
Tension Up – IMFACT
Make Me Love You – Taeyeon
Good Night – Dreamcatcher
Coloring Book – Oh My Girl
I’m Serious – Day6
Really Really – Winner
Fool – Winner
Smile Flower – Seventeen
Would U – Red Velvet
I’ll Be Yours – Girl’s Day
Plz Don’t Be Sad – Highlight
Between Us – CNBLUE
Who’s It Gonna Be – BgA
Wee Woo – Pristin
Through the Night – IU
Beautiful – Monsta X
ECHO – Seven O’Clock
Never Ever – GOT7
It’s Still Beautiful – Highlight
You, Who? – Eric Nam x Somi
Fingertip – G-Friend
Rollin’ – Brave Girls
Wake Me Up – B.A.P
Movie – BTOB
How Can I Say – Day6
Sketch U – 100%
Without U – Romeo


  1. I watch this chart every week, its the highlight of my week! Thank you for letting us know your very personal reasons for the delay, you didd’nt have to do that so we all aprreciate. keep up the amazing work and all the best for your mother. thank you! 🙂

  2. B.A.P on first place is my new aesthetic. Wake me up is one of the powerful, meaningful and beautiful song of 2017. Finally they are getting the popularity they deserve!

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