Top 50: Best Anime Movies of All Time! [HD 1080p]

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  1. man can i ask u a thing I want to know the name of the anime film its about a door and that doors has like an elevator u have colors on it and the red or the black and u cant go in there and there is like a man with black wings and those things pls man that is the film from my childhood I want to know it pls

  2. please I’m looking for an anime movie It’s about three weapons a short sword a katna and a spear that are given to three villiges and the peoples who have than have to fight with the creator of the weapons and close a gate of demons..can u help ?

  3. There was 2 anime movie that I used to watch throughout my child hood and even now, that are some of my favourite anime movies there called Wicked City and Devilman. but Devilman is in to part so there will be Devilman: The Birth and Devilman: The Demon Bird. I recommend these to films to you. hope you enjoy them and would like to see what you think. thanks @bobsamuraianimereviews

  4. thank you for immediately saying no ghibli hahah!:p ghiblis like weed. its easily accessible and obtainably cheap and have experienced it many times and always will for however long. gimme sumfin stronger ya know hahah!!^_^ ya

  5. My top 5:
    1. Tokyo Godfather2. Sakasama no Patema3. Ghost in the Shell4. Perfect Blue5. Millenium Actress
    R.I.P Satoshi Kon, the best anime director ever

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