Top 5 Most DISGUSTING RESTAURANTS! (Grossest Things Found In Food, Nasty Rat/Roach Infestations)

Top 5 Most Disgusting Restaurants & Fast Food Joints! Grossest things found in food along with the nastiest and dirtiest kitchen nightmares! Which one did you think was the worst?

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5. New York Family Finds MAGGOTS In CHINESE Take-Out:
4. Wendy’s Black Mold:
3. Giant snake in the restaurant ceiling:
2. Rats Take Over KFC/Taco Bell:
1. Rats and Roaches in Restaurant Basement – Kitchen Nightmares Gordan Ramsay:

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  1. My family and I were in all you can eat crab place in Virginia beach for a vacation and there was SO. MANY. FLIES! There were so many flies that they gave was a swatter, and I swear they did not use clean plates…

  2. You know once at the hard wok bafet yes that’s the name in my egg drop soup I found a huge roach like 2 inches wide and the owner just said sorry like wtf why if I was an adult I would sue I still go there but I never get the soup

  3. My wife and two of her friends went to New York on holiday. My wife is Vegetarian and one of her friends is Vegan.

    We were sitting one night watching Kitchen Nightmares and one of the places they went came on! One of the problems was using meat products in the stuff that was supposed to be Vegetarian/Vegan friendly.

  4. I’m sorry guys I just want to know when they got the snake out did they kill it or let it live because if they killed it then screw them because animals still have lives

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