Top 40 Journey Songs (Steve Perry Era Only)

On July 18th 2015, I went to a Journey concert and It was amazing, since then they have been my favourite performing artist (Besides Michael Jackson of course) so I decided to make this, I’ve had heard all the songs released on an album in the Steve Perry era except for some songs on Departure and Trial by Fire because I do not have those albums. Here’s the list by the way.
1. Lights
2. Any Way You Want It
3. Faithfully
4. Wheel in the Sky
5. Don’t Stop Believing
6. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
7. Girl Can’t Help It
8. Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’
9. Open Arms
10. Stone in Love
11. Stay Awhile
12. Who’s Crying Now
13. Just the Same Way
14. When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy)
15. When You Love a Woman
16. After the Fall
17. I’ll Be Alright Without You
18. Suzanne
19. Only the Young
20. Walks Like a Lady
21. Be Good to Yourself
22. Raised on Radio
23. Chain Reaction
24. Escape
25. Still they Ride
26. Ask the Lonely
27. Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever
28. When I Think of You
29. Mother, Father
30. Dead or Alive
31. Feeling that Way
32. Anytime
33. Keep on Running
34. Patiently
35. City of the Angels
36. Good Morning Girl
37. Little Girl
38. The Party’s Over (Hopelessly in Love)
39. Rubicon
40. Positive Touch
I know you are probably thinking “Where’s Send Her My Love”, sorry

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  1. Happy belated birthday Steve, Iv,e listened to you and admired youy music all my life and so has my family. God bless you and your family and fan friends through out the rest of your life

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