Top 25 zelda songs

25-Serenade of water
24-Zelda’s lullaby
23-Midna’s Lament
22-Twinova sisters
21-Puppet Ganon
20-Sage fado’s theme
19-Lost woods
18-Tal Tal Heights
17-Song of healing
16-The great sea
15-Fay’s Farewell
14-Farewell Hyrule king
13-Wind Waker main theme
12-Ballad of the goddnes
11-Ballad of the wind fish
10-Hidden village
9-Dark world
8-Wind waker mini boss theme
7-Song of storms
6-Molgera’s theme
5-gerudo valley
4-Linebeck’s theme
3-Realm overworld
2-Dragon roost island
1-Makar”s prayer


  1. Je parie que celui qui a fait cette vidéo est français car il a mis “fay’s farwell” au lieu de “fi’s farewell”

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