Top 25 KISS Songs

A countdown of the 25 best KISS songs…. Leave a comment if u agree or disagree!!


  1. Just like with any list like this, I agree with some and disagree with some. Overall it’s not bad, but mine would be, in order of release:

    1. Cold Gin
    2. Black Diamond
    3. Going Blind
    4. Parasite
    5. She
    6. Room Service
    7. King of the Night Time World
    8. God of Thunder
    9. Do You Love Me
    10. I Want You
    11. Take Me
    12. Baby Driver
    13. Shock Me
    14. Rocket Ride
    15. Shandi
    16. War Machine
    17. And On the 8th Day
    18. Thrills in the Night
    19. Hell or High Water
    20. Unholy
    21. Domino
    22. Every Time I Look at You
    23. Hate
    24. Childhood’s End
    25. In My Head

  2. 1-love gun 2-Detroit rock city 3-strutter 4-beth 5-black diamond 6-shout it out loud 7-rock and roll all nite 8-i was made for loving you 9-fire house 10-doctor love

  3. Awesome list. Mine would be something like:

    1- Love Gun
    2- Black Diamond
    3- Detroit Rock City
    4- I Stole Your Love
    5- Creatures Of The Night
    6- Do You Love Me
    7- Strutter
    8- Exciter
    9- Thrills In The Night
    10- War Machine

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