Top 20 Greatest Donkey Kong Country Songs

I originally just planned to make a DKC playlist, but after stumbling across a similar video by NicNac2451 decided it would be more fun to do a top 20. Click “show more” for a list of all 20 songs.

20: Treetop Rock 0:00:00
19: Water World 0:03:00
18: Ice Cave Chant 0:06:11
17: Rockface Rumble 0:09:36
16: Disco Train 0:12:26
15: Frosty Frolics 0:15:58
14: Bayou Boogie 0:18:32
13: DK Island Swing 0:22:29
12: Treetop Tumble 0:25:21
11: Forest Frenzy 0:28:04
10: Cascade Capers (Waterfall) 0:30:11
9: Hot-Head Bop 0:33:05
8: Gang-Plank Galleon 0:36:44
7: Mining Melacholy 0:39:58
6: Life in the Mines 0:43:36
5: In a Snow-Bound Land 0:48:13
4: Fear Factory 0:51:29
3: Forest Interlude 0:55:33
2: Aquatic Ambiance 1:00:08
1: Stickerbrush Symphony 1:03:38


  1. Nice Video and good ranking, maybe I would choose aquatic ambience at first but it is not so important. Both of them are great masterpieces :). The playthrough though…. They are horrible gamers and it hurts to see them playing this great games :D. How can someone ruin theese games like the gamers there? 😀

  2. poderosa maquina de 16 bits con una trilogia de juegos como DK que nos trajo horas y horas de entretenimiento en nuestra niñes… que recuerdos carajo.

  3. I really like the music for the sky stages in DKC2 though those levels can also be pretty dang tough with all the spikes everywhere.

  4. I definitely agree with Stickerbrush being at the top spot… I remember even pausing the game just to listen to that track in a loop. I am now a musician/electronics engineer and I just recently revisited the DKC soundtracks and I now appreciate them from both perspectives: the masterful music composition work and how the guys from Rare got the most out of the electronic hardware limitations to output these visually and musically stunning games. Thanks a lot for compiling this list!

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