Top 15 – Under the Radar Wii Games

With the Wii finally given a proper burial, it’s as good a time as any to look at some of the best games that didn’t get recognized within the past 6 years.


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  1. Just going to say, spiders and scorpions are arachnids not insects. Arachnids have 8 legs. Other then that, good list, I wish I had the chance to play everything on it. However, even the ones I haven’t played I at least knew about (curse you lack of money!)

  2. Woo, Red Steel 2! such a fun and great game, if anyone hasn’t played it yet I suggest picking it up! it’s probably less then 10 or 5 euro/dollars/pounds now 🙂

  3. One question.
    Why does no one care about skylanders anymore?
    It used to be really popular but now no one even knows what it is anymore. And don’t tell me it wasn’t on the list just because is was on multiple consoles.

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