Top 100 Country Songs of the 1990’s-2000’s

A list of my top 100 county songs of the 1990’s-2000’s


  1. If it were me, from 1990-2017,

    I would have had about 60 songs from 90s, 25 songs from 00s, and 15 from 10s.

    A lot of good songs on the list, but a good number of them I wouldn’t put in my top 100, imho

  2. 90% of the songs on here are awful and are what is wrong with country, and why say “90s” when there’s only like 6 or 7 songs actually from the 90s. I weep for the state of Country music.

  3. some of the songs are okay, but i agree there needs to be more mcgraw, brooks and dunn, strait, reba, keith, the good shit. Most of this is the new age country-rock stuff. It’s not bad, but you could do better.

  4. WTF is this ..first of all this needs to be labeled 2007-2016 country pop gay is anything before 2003 and a countdown that doesn’t include George strait and Garth brooks is voided..hands down not even close is the worst waste of time countdown in the history of YouTube..u should be prosecuted for this

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