Top 10 Zoos In The World!

Welcome back to another animal video!
Today I am showing you some of the best zoos in the world!

This video is a little out of sync (the next section or image appears before I get to it). But it is hardly noticible.

Intro Music: Chinese Man – I Got That Tune (Tha Trickaz Remix)

I hope you guys enjoy the video!

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  1. The polar bears look amazing and that Amur leopard enclosure is amazing from what I have seen all the enclosure are state of the art do you reckon it is the best zoo in the uk.

  2. The Safari Park’s elephant habitat is not that massive but it is very impressive. When I went, it was shortly after they added on the second yard. But I am in love with the park and I am so glad you chose it as number one! San Diego works hard to deserve such recognition.

  3. Why is wellington zoo the littlest zoo in the world not in there, Wellington zoo is rich is history and shows New Zealand’s natural wildlife?

  4. The reason why i Love the Cincinnati zoo is because they had the sumatran rhino there and held the last know Passenger pigeon there

  5. I think you should definitly include Loro Pargue in Tenerife and maybe Burgers’ Zoo or Ouwehands Dierenpark. The last 2 are my favourite zoos, and the’re in Holland. Ouwehands Dierenpark is getting pandas aswell in septembre of this year.
    Sorry for bad English, I’m dutch. 😀

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