Top 10 Zelda: Ocarina of Time Music

After 3 lists, I got to the episode that most people have as their favorite. This is it: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For me too, it was the first Zelda experience, and I instantly fell in love with the game (and the series). For years, OoT was my favorite game. It’s not anymore, but it’s still in my top 5, and it’ll always have a special place in my heart.
Ocarina of Time wasn’t only a game for me. It influenced my life, my personality, everything. It was the first game that inspired me to write (short stories and poems), and I bet I’m not the only person whose life was influenced by this masterpiece.
Since the game is this popular, I could find pictures more easily than for the previous games 🙂

So after the praise, this is it, my top 10 songs from the game. If you don’t agree, don’t complain, OoT has a great soundtrack (but not the best Zelda soundtrack, in my opinion).

Note 1: I don’t own any media I used to make this video.
Note 2: I didn’t include the short songs (up to 0:30).
Note 3: I didn’t include almost identical songs multiple times.



  1. The greatest beauty of OoT is to have managed to be experienced as a truly self-enclosed universe where no fault can be located. Every particular element of the game seems to be at the service of a greater universal goal. As if by a miracle, every single part of it seems to contain the whole in its particularity. There has never been a more captivating game than this one. The ones lucky enough to have played it when it was first released should know what I’m talking about. Ocarina of Time simply cannot be surpassed.

  2. If I had a Top Ten it would be
    #10 Shadow Temple
    #9 Gerudo Valley
    #8. Theme of Sages
    #7. Dragon Boss Battle
    #6. Saria’s Song/Lost Woods
    #5. Temple of Time
    #4. Zelda’s Lullaby (Ocarina version)
    #3. Spirit Temple
    #2. Hyrule Field
    #1 GANON’S TOWER!!! (That god dam ORGAN IS EPIC AND SCARY AS SHIITTTT!!!!!!!!!)

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