Top 10 Zelda Music: Spirit Tracks

Ahh, Spirit Tracks. What a surprisingly great game! If you’re unsure about it, it’s much more than just a “recycled Phantom Hourglass.” I highly recommend it!

This was the hardest list to make so far, by far. Spirit Tracks has a large and unique soundtrack, and I was able to narrow it down to 22 contenders. Choosing only ten was like trying to pick out which child I like best. But I’m happy with the result. Here is the list, for reference:

10) Chancellor Cole
9) Papuchia Village
8) The Final Exam
7) Approaching Phytops
6) Cragma, Lava Lord
5) Main Theme (this one is from the intro with Niko)
4) Byrne
3) Malladus (Final)
2) Overworld
1) Fighting Cole and Malladus

Side note: I would actually have #5 at #1, if a longer version of it existed anywhere in the game. Unfortunately this version is actually the longest. Bummer.

NOTE: All credit goes to Zelda Universe for the tracks. Nintendo never released the soundtrack, so the BAMFs at Zelda Universe uploaded all the songs themselves. Thanks guys!

Honorable Mentions: I weeded out 22 songs from the soundtrack. The 12 that didn’t quite make it: Tower of Spirits (Lobby, Dungeon and Stairs), the Lost Woods, Under the Sea, all the remaining Boss Themes, Dark World Tears of Light, the Demon Train, Byrne (boss battle), and Dark Link, which I would have included, but it is actually the Ghost Ship theme from Phantom Hourglass. One of that game’s only good songs, so I thought I should leave it for that game.

And finally, my extremely (and probably unnecessarily) in-depth review of Spirit Tracks:

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and its soundtrack are owned by Nintendo.


  1. In the Fields would have been on my list. That song got me into Spirit Tracks while my sister was playing. In fact it would be a near tie for first with Overworld. Shame no one’s brought it up.

  2. I love him, but it confuses me that he has different names. In the version I own, his name is Staven, but apparently in other versions he’s named Byrne. Why? I honestly don’t know where my version is from, because I got it used on Gamestop, but I guess it’s european, cause I’m norwegian…
    Someone please give me an answer!

  3. So no Linebeck or dark train, eh? I wish it was a top 15 list so Dark Realm, Linebeck III (as Linebeck is my favorite Phantom Hourglass character), Demon Train, and some Tower of Spirits songs could fit in. Castle Town was also really good.

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