Top 10 WORST Video Game Guns

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These guns are better than nothing…right? These are the terrible, awful, downright crap-taculater weapons & firearms that we’ve ever had the displeasure of using in video games. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WORST Video Game Guns.

00:39 #10. Dual Berettas (AKA Dual Elites)
01:20 #9. Bowcaster
02:01 #8. Hunting Rifle
02:42 #7. Rapid Blaster
03:25 #6. Flamethrower
04:11 #5. G.E.S. Bio Rifle
04:52 #4. Laser
05:28 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Umm if i recall correctly the whole reason you couldnt duel weild needlers in halo 3 was because of how broken it was in halo 2 when dual wielded.But maybe my memory serves me wrong.

  2. Ok Watchmojo does NOT know their video game guns. The needler in particular was awesome and only got scarier as the new games came out.

  3. I knew that the Kevin Lobb signature craptastic SMG, the Klobb, would be #1! The only thing good about that weapon is when enemies in the first snow level use it in mass. Rarely got hit with it. Only is useable with infinite ammo code is on.

  4. What-a-complete bullshit?! Hunting rifle from l4d? Try and tell it to any pro l4d player. Are u really so stupid or u just a noobs? Do you ever played in l4d? You don’t even know what you talking about.

  5. There were lots of Mega Man weapons way worse than these… I actually like one of the most unpopular, the Charge Kick in MM5. That one at least wasn’t tricky to use, and it looked awesome.

  6. At least the needler is better than the assault rifle in halo, literally no range on that thing and you had to unload a whole clip and then melee to get a kill on anyone. And surprised there were no gears of war guns, and what about the flamethrower from halo, not so great.

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