Top 10 Worst NES Games – AVGN Clip Collection

The Nerd picks his 10 least favorite NES games that he’s reviewed so far!
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  1. If you think of what is out there on the market today then yes, these games are crap but in it’s day when systems were coming out, this is what they had to work with. Graphics fit that time era, I actually enjoyed aliens were you were one ship on the bottom going from side to side blowing up the space ships that were always in one line coming to invade earth. Then came better games with better graphics due to the technology getting better and giving developers more to work with, till finally they come out with animation that almost looks real. I grew up on atari, you think Nintendo was crappy, it hailed compared to atari games

  2. Is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide actually that bad a game or is he just overreacting to it as a running gag? Obviously he always overacts with his anger but… yknow what I’m asking.

  3. Well now its time for worst games im guessing the last 5 will consist of
    dr jekyll and mr hyde
    Normal tiger games
    Tiger rist games
    The r zone and
    Ljn video art

  4. Looking at the comments, I guess this video is uploaded when YouTube changed. Funny how now it’s like 100 times worse

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