Top 10 Worst Movies That Deserve a Remake

Behind many bad or disappointing movies lies the potential for greatness. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Movies That Deserve a Remake. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re looking at films that were largely disappointing upon their initial release – whether it was critically, commercially or both – and thus deserve another lease on life.

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  1. Nope nope nope nope. You just can’t fit one book of Avatar into a movie unless that movie is 7 hours long. Only so much information can be handled in 1-3 hours. It should stay a series, an ANIMATED series.

  2. Whaaat eragon is not bad it deserves a sequel though I love the story love dragons the main character is cute needs more romance between eragon and ara

  3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians! It looks like the people who wanted to make this movie either only read just half the book or they decided to steal the title, characters and the plot. The sequal doesn’t even do any better! I say if you want to do a book based movie right and ensure that the fans will love it, READ THE BOOK AND DON’T MAKE UP YOUR OWN ORIGINAL SCENES!

  4. My Idea for the Remakes

    This should be part of the DCEU. Catwoman is starting out her career as a burglar that sells off the riches and gives the rest to the poor, just like Robin Hood. However, she’ll butt heads with Batman, but as far as I’m concerned, he should be a sorta frenemy/advisor, like Iron Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The main antagonist should be Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, who became friends after the latter escaped from Stryker’s Island in Suicide Squad. In the end, Catwoman is given a choice between joining Harley and Ivy in the Gotham City Sirens, or be given a worthy spot as a sidekick for Batman.

    Oh, boy… The Resident Evil movies are well-known for… Perfectly representing the balls-to-the-wall action of the 5th and 6th game installments. I believe that it should be like the first game, where there’s a scary ambience and unsure feeling that a Hunter or Tyrant will pop out and gore Jill. Yes, Jill is the main protagonist. Plus, the ambience will be more in favor instead of just jumpscares, and there should be some camaraderie between the S.T.A.R.S. group. Maybe Wesker would be more of a reasonable antagonist before he unveils himself.

    Why would you turn a colorful and family-friendly video game series into… Whatever the hell happened here? First, we should just do away with the gritty version of the Mushroom Kingdom and make it the surreal world we know in the games. HAVE IT ANIMATED. Plus, it should probably be a kid-friendly Lord of The Rings, as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi take a journey across the land to rescue Peach from Bowser, fighting strange enemies and exchanging funny dialogue that’s worthy of being in the Mario RPGs. Also, Mario and Luigi be voiced by Charles Martinet, and not be portrayed by a British guy and John Leguizamo.

    I swear, there should be plenty of good stuff to adapt for Spawn. I don’t know much about the mythos, but maybe, just maybe, I think this should be a start of a Cinematic Universe with Image Comics. Add Savage Dragon, Youngblood and Invincible into the mix and things should be A-Okay. Wait, I have to discuss a remake. Well, the makeup should be as good as the original, and the Violator be more of a demonic Joker, like in the comics. Maybe we can bring in Angela, who could be a contrast between two demons fighting each other.

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