Top 10 worst movies of 2010

Jeremy Jahns lists off his picks for the top 10 biggest pieces of shit to hit the big screen this year (That he saw anyways)

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  1. Jeremy I love you man but I hope that you never do the blackface again. As someone whose passionate about movies you should know and be aware of the history behind it. Please learn from this.

  2. Remember me to do a video in “blackface” when I want do piss off a bunch of annoying sissy butthurted faggies. You shitheads talk about that “blackface” shit like Jeremy was literally beating the ass out of a black man, go fuck yourselves. .I.

  3. Looking back, if I did even a top 20, 85% of it would be painfully bad kids movies.
    My #1 was Tooth Fairy, if anyone was curious.

  4. I don’t remember Legion being that bad.Then again i don’t remember anything about the movie.Probably due to me weirdly liking Dominion.

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