Top 10 Worst Games Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Games Of All Time


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Not every game developed is a winner. Some are horrible and should never be played. And that’s what we’re talking about today.

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  1. Oh, about the Guy Game? They used her likeness on the cover without her permission. And from what I heard, they didn’t tell her that her boobs were going to be on a video game.

  2. Thank you for not putting No Man’s Sky on the list it wasn’t a bad game. It just was hyped to much and rushed by fans

  3. Thank you for not putting ’06 in as an obvious choice, getting sick of that. These more obscure games were more enjoyable to learn about. It’d probably end up in the next video but still

  4. Also not to mention that Pacman for the Atari wasn’t even fully developed and was more along the lines of a prototype

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