Hey everyone for this list I look at the worst games on nes that are also expensive as all heck.

The song during the honorable mentions is a piano version of bloody tears found here

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  1. I have Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Sunday Funday, Menace Beach on Maxi 15, Wayne’s World, Bible Buffet, Secret Scout, Moon Ranger, and Action 52. And most of them I paid far less than what they go for nowadays.

  2. The two honorable mentions aren’t bad at all. The fact that they require special hardware doesn’t make them bad.
    The panesian games aren’t bad either. I’ve played all three of the ones he listed and they are actually good, regardless of 8 bit nudity. Peekaboo poker particularly, since I’m a big fan of black jack games, and that’s basically all it is, with minor interruptions of partial, and later full nudity, as you win more money. It’s a good black jack game. Not the best nes games, but they’re definitely playable, unlike some of the games listed.
    So far, I don’t think I’ve spent a ton of money on any game, particularly one that I knew was gonna be bad. I’d probably say gameboy games, that I’ve picked up. Nothing worth listing, just some really bad ones.
    In reality, I’ve tried to avoid paying a substantial amount for any game, unless I thought it was particularly incredible. One example would be Tetris. I love Tetris. I love it so much that, as part of my growing Tetris collection, I spent $300 on a Tetris arcade cabinet. Other than that, I’ve never spent more than $50 on any retro game.

  3. That backround music you used when discussing the honorable (or dishonorable depending how one views it) sounded like Castlevania, but remixed with more of a piano theme. What’s the name of the remixed music you used from 5:28 through 6:43? It really calmed my nerves down a bit listening to it.

  4. I love mediocre/bad games and im pretty sure im not the only one but color a dinosaur doesnt fit in the games category,its just a piece of shit

  5. There’s only been two times I’ve regretted buying a bad game:
    1: Star Trek Tactical Assault for the PSP.
    2: Alone in the Dark for the 360.

  6. I will only buy games I like(well for $10 or less I’ve bought ones I don’t know much about are bad but I still get some enjoyment out of them) and won’t pay more than $50 for an NES game. Thankfully while prices have gone up that does still leave a lot of good stuff to get.

  7. A lot of Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree games made on the list (not surprising). Though I had zero idea they were that rare given how BAD they are. Also, that bycycle race game…I had no idea that even existed (and even wisely so, since back then…even as a kid, that would have ended up in the closet collecting dust). As for bad expensive games for other systems….yeah I know they exists. I think Super 3-D Noah’s Ark (original cart) is up there since it had to look like a Game Genie device to break the SNES lock-out chip.

  8. No disrespect but if anyone pays over $100 for a video game they need a brain exam. Same goes with designer jeans for that matter. What’s wrong with denim jeans?

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