Top 10 War Movies of all time

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This Is my favorite war movies!

1. Tae guk gi – Brotherhood of war
2. Yamato
3. Letters from Iwo Jima
4. Saving private ryan
5. Enemy At The Gates
6. Talvisota – Winter war (WWII russia against finland) vinter kriget
7. The Patriot
8. Braveheart
9. K19 The Widow Maker
10. Platoon

song: theme song from Brotherhood of war!


  1. yeah, well, ‘Platoon’ was TERRIBLE.Β  utterly unrealistic.Β  next!Β  The Patriot?Β  Seriously?Β  UNREALISTIC!Β  how old are you?Β  13?Β  enemyΒ at the gates?Β  decent book, shit film.Β  YEAH, 13 +/- 3 YEARS.

  2. Horrible list. Absolutely ridiculous.
    Where is Deer Hunter?? Apocalypse Now?? Full Metal Jacket?? Hell even Midway or Patton are better than half the movies on this list. Im surprised by not one but two Mel Gibson movies. Whatever. Worst fucking list ever.

  3. Paths of Glory
    Full Metal Jacket
    Inglorious Basterds
    Apocalypse Now
    The Deer Hunter
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Hurt Locker
    The Great Escape
    Dr. Strangelove

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