Top 10 Things to SEE in CALIFORNIA!

There are SO many things to do and see in California, partially because its got it all… mountains, deserts, the ocean, surf towns, big cities, beautiful parks, and a very eclectic mix of people. We highly recommend spending some time in the lesser known places in Cali to really get a full idea of the kinds of adventures you can create, but also you have to see the iconic touristy stuff like the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica blvd, and hit the big National Parks like Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. Here are our Top 10 things to see in Cali!


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  1. why is every EVERY vlog on youtube;’s music SO damn loud even on tech tutorials, it is totally unnecessary and drives me crazy!

  2. Great video. Big Sur is definitely number one, but I’m not sure how you can possibly leave out Yosemite, Sequoia, Redwood, Lake Tahoe, or Hollywood. Redding? No thanks. Venice Beach? Ha. No thanks. To be honest I’d avoid San Francisco and just visit the Redwoods.

  3. Shall I visit Joshua tree, the place looks cool, and I wanna enjoy the landscapes and run there lol, but I’m pretty scared of snakes and shit so are there any dangerous animals there?

  4. I’m so happy you put the City in this list and not LA. Most you tubers love LA but I think SF is much more culturally diverse and friendly.

  5. I like this channel and what you do, but this video was pretty damn banal.. Very shallow descriptions, almost as if you were never there but just quickly googled the location and just said exactly what you read. Obviously not including Yosemite just cripples the video. But I think Sequoia is pretty significant, but thats just me.

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