Top 10 Things to do in Seattle – Yes I am online, but I’m coming to you courtesy of my house in the Seattle area. I really am happy here. I love the weather, the people and the lifestyle. A member of our chatroom emailed me recently, asking about places to visit in Seattle. She and her family will be visiting here in November. I’m going to give my top ten places to go, but I challenge all of you who live (or have visited) here to submit your own recommendations, as well! –


  1. OK, there’s weird stuff, but if someone wants to visit Seattle, the biggest thing is to enjoy the scenery. Do a kayak ride in the sound on a sunny day. Go hit a tidal pool. I’m indoorsy too, but if you visit seattle, the scenery is what’s distinctive.

  2. @yukarishingame curc cocaine is a faggot. Im goin to see another seattle band at the arlene schnitzer hall in February though. Soundgarden:)

  3. i plan to move from las vegas to seattle washington in the up coming year and if you can make a video on the cost of living and schools that would be great because i can tell you alot about las vegas thanks

  4. If you are downtown and want a wee adventure in 4-5 hours round trip, I would take the Metro 43/44 from 4th & Pike to Montlake/UW, then The Ballard Locks. Many things to stop, do, eat, see. Stops on Cap Hill, Montlake Bridge/Park/MOHAI, UW, The Ave, Wallingford, DICK’s, The Zoo/Green Lake (just North) & terminating at The Ballard Locks. You can return on the Metro route 17 for a more direct return, but there are countless things to see and do on that route, so going back on the 44/43 is advised

  5. Seattle is beautiful, all though it is rural, it is the most beautiful city ive traveled to, you get an amazing vibe there, the people are peaceful. Most are stoners, and it is honestly full of friendly people.

  6. @ksm8368 I’ve been happy living in the South, in California and in the Northeast. When I lived in Seattle, it was a nightmare. Those people aren’t normal. They’re too fake and malicious. The Seattle Times actually had articles on the front page addressing it. They never warm up to you. And they are likely to talk behind your back. They’re the worse liars. It sounds aweful to say, but they’re subhuman. I don’t think it a coincidence nearly all serial killers come from the Northwest.

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