Top 10 The Legend of Zelda Songs

This is my Top 10 Zelda songs ! what’s yours put it down in the comments bellow!

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  1. Good list, man! 🙂 Picking just 10 favorites isn’t an easy task, but you sure managed to have 10 very solid ones here. It was a joy listening to! ^^

  2. Legend of Zelda has such an amazing soundtrack! Thanks for putting a key in the comments! Very helpful! Just subbed ya Deity, if you get some time come check me out too thanks!

  3. awesome idea for a video man 🙂 my favorite song by far was the music box guy in Majora’s Mask, that tune was so catchy lol

  4. Cool video man i enjoyed & therefore left a cheeky like! I have just uploaded a new video to my channel if you like+comment on that video I will stay active on your channel cause that’s what I usually do! Also keep up the good work! 😀

  5. i hate to say it Lostdeity, but im not a Zelda fan anymore 🙁 its not that i don’t like it or something. But my sister and i made a switch. My sister usually has Sonic and i Zelda but now its switched. But i won’t let you down! i will still be a sub to you and a (as i can call it that) friend 🙂

  6. My very first top 10 hope u enjoy! Worked really hard on it!
    00:00 – #10
    01:34 – #9
    03:04 – #8
    05:04 – #7
    07:15 – #6
    09:33 – #5
    10:45 – #4
    13:00 – #3
    15:02 – #2
    16:01 – honerable mentions
    17:19 – #1
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