Top 10 STRONGEST Pokémon That Start Out as the WEAKEST

I’ve counted down the Top 5 Strongest Pokemon before, but most of those strong Pokemon start out strong. But what are the best Pokemon that start out as some of the weakest Pokemon?

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  1. I love Milotic. She helped me in wifi battle a lot. She took down Yvetal and a charizard.

    (The yvetal keep using oblivious wings and the charizard keep spamming fly.)

  2. I feel like the Starly-line should be on here aswell.
    Like, you got a sh*tty bird, slightly better than pidgey, which evolves into Staraptor, a 120 atk 100 init pkmn, with stab brave bird and double edge PLUS the hidden ability of making recoil-attacks 20% stronger PLUS Close Combat as high base power coverage (which wrecks its two main weaknesses ice and rock) plus another free slot for whatever you feel you need – whirlwind for forcing swaps, (stab) quick attack as guaranteed first hit, agility to be even more speedy, Resto-Chesto for some more durability, u-turn for momentum even against bad matchups… a great pkmn for sure

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