Top 10 Slashers

Top 10 Slasher killer icons from the Horror slasher genre movies. According to over 100 different youtube users top 10 slashers list. Thanks to everybody who voted! You guys were a huge part on helping out put this list together.

Guest appearance by LilMissEmo24, TheMoviePhantom, Stephen Lindsay Satterfield, Wylde1’s Goon Skwad, BabyDoll Noir
and Pops da Klown

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Stephen Lindsay Satterfield
Wylde1’s Goon Skwad
BabyDoll Noir
Pops da Klown

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  1. UGHHHHHHHHH pleeeeeaaseeee someone tell me the name of the button eye scarecrow in the beginning I can’t freaking find the movie and I wanna watch it so bad please help

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