Top 10 Romantic Korean Movies | 10 Best Korean Romance Movies

If you’re a fan of hearts and flowers, star-struck lovers and tragedy, you’ll definitely want to watch the best Korean romance movies. With strong storylines, heartbreaking scenes, young lovers and a hint of comedy to balance it all, you’re bound to enjoy Korean romances!

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  1. Good list, particularly with the high spot of Oasis. My favourite korean romantic movies are Christmas in August and Failan.

  2. i have seen always,a werewolf boy,a moment to remember and 3 irons….but 3 irons was the had nothing special…..but these 3 movies were amazing…

  3. How is A Moment to Remember not number 1, I have no idea.
    It is the most touching couple movie of all time.
    Asian or American movie.

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