Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks 2016 – 2017


  1. And, I will also add that Joe Flacco had four different offensive coordinators for most of his years and never really have a consistent offense because of that.

  2. Writing this while watching the video. How can you guys put Luck in front of Wilson, Wilson has still shown that all he does is win. Luck has been turnover prone his whole career and plays in one of the weakest divisions in football while Wilson is in one of the tougher ones. Next, How can you have Big Ben at 5 and 7. The man will not go down without a fight. Look at what he did against the broncos compared to Cam, Rodgers, and Brady, about 700 yards in 2 games while not having Bell, Brown, Pouncey or even Williams in the second game. Brady had around 400-500 yards are you kidding me? Rodgers had 78 or something coming off a bye. Ben has shown he should be top, He had a ac sprain and torn ligaments and still almost beat Denver AGAIN! Next, How is Rivers 4 and 6?!? A man who has 4 wins cannot be top 4. If he’s that great he should win probably around 6 or 7 games. All i ever see is Rivers yelling at his teammates in games because he’s a “great” leader. Really guys?

  3. Ironically I just was arguing with a raider fan who was saying Carr was terrible and has been saying cook is the future and I asked him for his two worst performances. I watched the second half or the Vikings game and second half of the Chiefs game that was in Oakland. And this guy is right. You guys should watch his offense in the second half the last 8 games because there is ZERO chance in hell you would say his ability to read defenses is a positive thing for him. I’m still not all the way off the Carr bandwagon like this raider fan but I’m going to watch every snap he took last year and then make a decision but I can guarantee you his ability to read a defense is not something you should list as a positive for him. I think he needs to prove this year that he won’t be so terrible in the second half of games or they might have to plan to go a different rout because this time next year he will he 26 and they will have to decide to pickup his 5th year option or not…

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