Top 10 Naruto Death scenes

This Video is about Naruto/Shippuden Death scenes

My 10 Saddest Naruto & Naruto Shippuden scenes ^^

10 . Asuma's Death
09 . Konan's Death
08 . Itachi's Death
07 . Zabuza's Death (Haku's)
06 . Yahiko's Death
05 . Hiruzen's Death (3rd Hokage)
04 . Chiyo's Death
03 . Kushina's and Minato's Death
02 . Neji's Death
01 . Jiraya's Death



  1. Actually minato and his wife death in naruto road to ninja movie was the saddest death.even jiraya plus neji too made me cry.i hope they could come back in boruto

  2. Nagato And Konan Turn To Evil Cause Yahiko Death
    Hokage Too?!
    Granny Chiyo Last Scene
    Kushina And Minato Are Naruto Parent So If He Died Naruto Will So Much Angry!!
    I Cry Cause Neji Death And Jiraiya That Was Unvergiveable!!!

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