Top 10 Mystery Anime

Hope you’re all doing well. Chances are your favorite mystery anime lies within, except if it’s Detective Conan. Well, this is my shot on 10 fantastic mystery anime.

Top 10 Mystery Anime – Thumbnail from: #7 (Hyouka)


  1. If you’re looking for a cool anime that has mystery in it you should check out gosick yes the name is GOSICK check them out and you’ll find a awesome anime

  2. What about Umineko? Or higurashi? Maybe higurashi not so much bc its more gore and killing in the first season but it still has its mystery of who kills Rika. And umineko is literally just one mystery after another xD

  3. Have u seen the anime serie Death Note? That is my best serie so far. I try to find some simular but there is sooooo many out there..

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