Top 10 Movies Of 2015 | BLURAY DAN

Here is my Top 10 List Of Movies for 2015. Enjoy!

This video is dedicated to Oreo, my Guardian Angel. You will always be my best friend, my favorite soul, my heart. I love you so much, and I’m lost without you.

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  1. Very different from other lists! That’s good to see 🙂 i’ve seen all these movies and i agree with most of them. Awesome video!

  2. May I just say, amazing intro Danny 🙂 I loved Chippie as well.
    Creed, not so much, just because I’m not a Rocky fan. Those movies kinda passed me by as a kid, although I’ve seen almost every Stallone and Arnold movie. I can see how Creed is the perfect Rocky movie. But it was too long for me. Other than that, I see how it’s a great film, although I didn’t really enjoy it. But awesome video, awesome review of every single one of those movies. Great explanation. Amazing job Danny, bravo!

  3. I like the setting. You’re a good Performer.

    Personally I would recommend using Trailer footage while talking about the movie. This way you would have a little less visible jumps which don’t bother but can become distracting after a while. I also would use your handpush with the phone in editing to move in the footage.

  4. I will check out Room and Spotlight. I’m still waiting for Revenant. I have not seen a lot of Gangster movies but Black Mass was Soooo good. I am still Slacking on Creed and Straight outta Compton. But 2 of my favorite 2015 movies are coming on Steelbook in the next few Weeks. Those are the Hateful Eight and Star Wars the force Awakens

  5. 1. The Hateful Eight
    2. Mad Max
    3. Star Wars
    4. The Martian
    5. Kingsman
    6. The Revenant
    7. Spotlight
    8. Ex Machina
    9. Inside Out
    10. Southpaw

  6. For me, The Force Awakens and Spectre might be mine but, then again, those were the only films of 2015 that I got to see at the cinema.

  7. LOVED Black Mass (it’s higher on my list) Loved Creed, Loved Ex Machina. Really want to see 99 Homes and almost rented Infinite Polar bear the other, now I’ll check it out. My #1 was Star Wars 🙂

  8. very nice list Dan…… I’m actually going to watch Maggie next week now…… also I had Ex Machina at number 2 all the way up until I say Spotlight. That movie was done amazingly well with the topic at hand.

  9. Hey Dan!
    Sone great films you’ve picked here.. Whenever I hear Chappie it reminds me of dog food! (There’s a uk brand with the same name) I need to watch it though 🙂

    I really need to see Maggie as well… I remember seeing the trailer but it went under my radar 🙁

    For me, the highlight was mad max… Viewing on the imax

  10. What up Big D!!! I knew you would have a good list! I am with you all the way on Maggie man! It is one of the movies I connected most with in 2015 having a daughter and I thought Arnie was at his absolute best. I really enjoyed Creed but it is more near the Middle of the pack for me. There are some I haven’t seen yet on your list like Black Mass, 99 homes, Spotlight, and I really look forward to seeing them. Love it man! Thanks for doing this vid!

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