Top 10 Most Significant Disney Animated Films

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  1. My favorite is The Little Mermaid… because I want to be a Mermaid just like she wants to be a human… or wanted…

  2. My top 11:
    11. Lion king
    10. Sleeping beauty
    9. Mulan
    8. Hunchback of notradam
    7. The little mermaid
    6. The sword in the stone
    5. Pete’s dragon
    4. The black cauldron
    3. Alice in wonderland
    2. Tangled
    1. Beauty and the beast

  3. Oh thank god! Thank god! I was freaking out for a moment if “Chicken Little” got number 1. It makes a lot of sense for “Snow White” to be number 1 now that I think of it.

  4. now if only the disney prince characters could have a personality outside of generally nice or sarcastic/spoiled pretty boy.

  5. 11:26 “it was the most financially successful animated movie in *history*”

    When you said ‘history’ you activated Siri on my iPod xD

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