Top 10 Legend of Zelda Ocarina songs – Hooded Crow

These are my favorite Ocarina songs from Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time.


  1. 10.eh9. Truly overrated opinion7.should of been higher6. Eh 5. Prefer bolero of fire and prelude of light4.see number 5 3. It’s ok just kinda depressing 2. See number 5 1. Best song in Zelda ocarina series. So my opinion is 10(9) 9(8) 8(10) 7(6) 6(2) 5(3) 4(4) 3(?) 2(?) 1(1)

  2. I’m glad I have mm 3d 9/10 songs were majoras mask I I already have most of them btw hooded crow check out my videos il be doing a blogging channel soon

  3. I love the Song of Time, the Song of Storms, the Elegy of Emptiness, and the Song of Healing.
    *It’s time for the contest to determine who will be the winner! Let the judging begin!*
    Ok, so i’m judging based off of 2 things: What does it sound like, and What does it Do. Anything under 5 will be eliminated.
    First, the Song of Time. It wasn’t that great in Ocarina of Time since it’s only used a couple times and it isn’t very interesting, but in Majora’s Mask it was just Overused. You had to play that song EVERY 20 MINUTES OR SO. It’s actually very boring since it only saves your game and takes you back to the dawn of the first day, and when you’re in a temple it just takes you back to clock town. I give this song a 4/10. The only reason i like it is because of the way it sounds. Nyeh.
    Second, the song of storms. It just sounds Amazing. The composer brothers were geniuses if they came up with something this great. Plus, it makes an instant storm happen! It drains water from the well and angers a crazy windmill guy and he grabs you and takes you to the space and it’s really scary! Who doesn’t love that? ..ok, maybe not that last part. I give it a 7/10.
    The Elegy of Emptiness is third.

    in case you can’t count numbers

    It’s pretty useful since it helps you solve puzzles and creates.. a statue of you out of thin air..
    And it also has its own creepypasta. You know that means it’s good. 9/10.
    Last is the Song of Healing. It’s taught to you by a crazy mask salesman who lives inside a clock and is apparently some evil guy according to a theory. Nobody knows who the salesman is, and he’s just so creepy and mysterious. Not only is it taught to you by a great character, it sounds good and it also “heals troubled spirits,” and by that i mean it tricks them into thinking it’s fulfilled it’s goals and forces them to descend into the ghostly void, leaving behind a mask that contains the spirit that also transforms you. 
    Ten. Out. Of. TEN.

  4. So. Song of Healing at only #3 and Song of Time at only #9, huh. You just gave me a giant “Fuck You” seeing as those are my two favorites. But really? Song of Storms over Song of Time? I freaking hate the Song of Storms! It’s annoying!!!

  5. I think my favorite would be the Song of Healing. Its a simple tune but it is kinda pretty. I also love what you do with it with healing people’s souls and whatnot. Without it, you couldn’t pull off healing the dad from being Gibdo-fied (well, you could take the toilet paper off but then he’d just be a weird moaning dude), which is my favorite part in MM. Also, its like the only song I taught myself by ear on my ocarina. 

  6. Personally, Song of Healing does it for me. It is so sad and at the same time can make the hairs on the back of your head stand.
    Or is that just me?

  7. My favourite Ocarina song is Song of Healing ! But the best town theme is the clock town theme (day1) and the kakariko theme ! 😀

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