Top 10 Kids’ Movie Concepts That Are Actually Terrifying

Top 10 Kids’ Movie Concepts That Are Actually Terrifying // Subscribe:

Not all kids movies are totally appropriate for kids, though as young children they might’ve not understood these terrifying concepts! Remember the evil toys coming to life in “Small Soldiers”? That pets can be killed in “All Dogs Go to Heaven”? That board games can be deadly in “Jumanji”? and that you can be hunted by witches in “The Witches”? Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Kids’ Movie Concepts that are Actually TERRIFYING!

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  1. I was always scared of caroline especially when the guy who has the cat and he’s in the other world with his mouth sewed together and he smiled I was so creeped out, but over all the movie is still scary and I’m 14

  2. Stop playing y’all mad because people scared of Coraline. HELL YEAH Coraline was scary as shit. The most disturbing way was watching the other mother’s world slowly crumble and how the other father just looked sickly…it was disturbing

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