Top 10 Iconic K-Pop Songs

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  1. Holy shit watchmojo, please stop making kpop lists, you’re triggering the no-lifes who just look for videos like this to talk shit on, not talking shit about you, but just the people who need to get a new hobby

  2. The dancing and fashion is unique…..but the music sometimes is straight up American pop or hip hop beats in Korean. Gangnam Style is basic yes but at least the beat is something more unique that can be called K Pop.

  3. sorry sorry is number one as best kpop song since 2009 and til now .. no matter how much you try to hide this fact we all know it ..
    best iconic songs must contain sorry sorry , mr simple , growl , lucifer , mirotic “i think” and not today
    before seeing your vid if it doesn’t contain all those songs then it’s just a trash
    edit : fuck this list man sorry sorry should be no1 hands down

  4. um no offense to those who like this genre of music but I really don’t understand why this is good music its not really that good and I’m open to all music tbh so don’t say IMA rap fan lol I listen to most genres of music rap classic rock some metal reggae Spanish jazz I just don’t see how this music is entertaining lol most of the dancing just reminded me of someone with a involuntary movement problem lol but if u like it thats fine

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