Top 10 Hottest Non-Superhero Women In Comic Books

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The superheroes can’t have all the fun. While some of these stunning women from the pages of comic books have powers, superheroes they are certainly not.

00:43 #10: Red Monika
01:24 #9: Ramona Flowers
02:04 #8: Red Sonja
02:44 #7: April O’Neil
03:34 #6: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge
04:21 #5: Lady Death
05:05 #4: Baroness
05:50 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. And we’re back to Whose Line Is It Anyway. The show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.
    That’s right, they don’t matter. Just like everything about a woman comic book character apart from her boobs.

  2. Well considering vampires usually are a lot more resilient then humans when not under sunlight, I don’t any reason to be restricted by protective body army. If she feels doesn’t need to and wants to wear that leotard, let her. Not like you could stop her. She’s the person who if she ask you any complaints, you don’t tell her complaints because of fear.

  3. Lois Lane only rates an honorable mention. No way. As the both original damsel in distress and strong woman(main reporter for a major news paper) she rates over MJ and way over April O’Neil.

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