Top 10: Hardest NES Games

Count down ten games that define “NES hard.”


  1. Curious which games made the list (some I never played so I can’t comment there!)
    7. The third one. Maybe they fixed it later. But in one level they made it the whole so large you can’t get by it. A neighbor showed it to me and he threw it away to prove a point!
    2. Back to the Future, Ikari Warriors and Jekkyl and Hyde did not make it? Those were the hardest by a mile!

  2. I played Fester’s Quest quite a bit. I can get to the final boss, but never won. Two suggestions: 1. Patience….the game takes a while, and 2. The NES Advantage. Turbo shooting is a near must. Good luck!

  3. Battletoads is without a doubt the hardest and even with an emulator it’s just as hard because there’s no save/load state. If you try to load a state the game will glitch and you will have to start at the beginning of the game

  4. To be honest, and I played neither of the Contra games as a kid, and I having beat them both recently.. none of them is a cakewalk for sure, but I’d say the first one is harder than the second one personally.

  5. Hacks! You can only get to the final boss room in Ghosts N Goblins with the shield. You should have shown screen that sends you back to level 5.

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