Top 10 Games People Love to Hate

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Sure they’re good, just don’t tell anyone on the internet that you like them… These are the games that have a really bad rap online, either because of hype, shortcomings, legitimate criticism or just because it’s the flavor of the week. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Games People Love To Hate.

00:41 #10. “Dark Souls II” (2014)
01:26 #9. “Fallout 4” (2015)
02:12 #8. “Mass Effect 3” (2012)
03:03 #7. “Diablo III” (2012)
03:50 #6. “Destiny” (2014)
04:38 #5. “No Man’s Sky” (2016)
05:29 #4. “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series (2014)
06:17 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Well the difference between Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy’s is that Minecraft is actually a well designed game.

    Minecraft consists of a solid set of core gameplay mechanics that are designed to allow the player a large variety of interactions while also creating an effective gameplay loop. The personal customization and player expression elements are just icing on the cake.

    Where as, FNAF is a game that consists of a few limited gameplay mechanics that only allow for extremely restrictive interactions.
    Plus it’s a horror game that isn’t scary. Yes, you might feel extremely tense while playing it (which is an essential part of creating horror), but the moment anything scary actually happens, the game ends and it ceases to be scary anymore.
    Yea, a horrific teddy bear leaping out at me was scary for the fraction of a second that it lasted before I got booted to the menu screen.

  2. 1:35
    “Fallout 4 is a good game, it’s just not a good Fallout game.”

    Which installments are we comparing it to? Fallout 3 or the first two Fallout games? Because if we go by the standard set by the first two, then none of the first person Fallouts are “good Fallout games.” Excluding New Vegas, of course.

  3. I ththink I there needs to be a part two because there are so many games people love to hate. To name a few of my mind For Honor and assassins creed, I love both for honor and the assassins creed games but I think everyone hates them also.

  4. im sorry but ill continue to hate candy crush. i never downloaded it but from how addictive and money sucking it seems it never inteded to be for entertainment

  5. yess finally, truth has been spoken. minecraft is fucking useless game. all the pixels. good graphics never means a good game yes but this is fucking ugly

  6. lol number 1 was so predictable, most boring piece of shit ever created with tons of cheaters, hackers, whiny bitches and screaming little kids and the series who made me hate all first person games, kids and online games

  7. Diablo 3 is hated for a good reason. It basically got rid of all the RPG aspects of an ARPG. The AH was not the issue, the issue was that you HAD to use it because itemization was broken in Vanilla, and the items you needed to go beyond Act II inferno dropped in later stages. Also, completely random stats on loot and random affixes on enemies made too many pieces of gear useless, and too many enemies unbeatable. Then there are the annoying White knights and fan boys who refuse to believe that Blizzard can’t do any wrong and the game is the apex of all ARPGs. They point to sales without mentioning that a lot of boxes weren’t actually sold, they are still sitting on retailer’s shelves, a lot of boxes were “sold” as a throw in when you subbed to a year of WoW etc… ignoring the fact that the game is still broken, classes aren’t balanced, and the game just isn’t as fun as Diablo I or II.

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