Top 10 Funniest Laughing Scenes in Movies

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  1. George McFly laughter part in BTTF is so amusing to watch and I’m keen on I Love To Laugh scene in Mary Poppins is very watchable.

  2. Only had to watch the first one, Christmas vacation is one of the greatest movies ever, I don’t need a commentator over the scene to ruin it to know it’s funny though….

  3. it takes 1:30 to get to the first funny scene. Then we are followed with unnecessary elaborating on jokes we already understand. Can you at least TRY to be funny while you narrate our beloved classics? You’re runing our happy memories.

  4. I thought this video would be great. The editing absolutely killed it for an entire twelve minutes. You just screwed up some of the funniest scenes in movies. Thumbs down…

  5. how DARE you place the unfunny copycat dentist scene from Lethal Weapon 4 higher than the amazing original one from the pink panther strikes again….Boo

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