Top 10 Fastest Land Animals New (by odissey505)

Top 10 fastest animals in the world. Speed is important in wild life. And if you are the fastest then theres no reason to fear. But theres only one fastest animal..


  1. Surely the thomson´s gazelle has a higher top speed than lion and wildebeest. Lion and wildebeest are fast but not 80 km/h. And where is the springbok?

  2. The information in this video is incorect .There is no way that the fox is faster than a horse and there is no way that a lion is faster than a thompsons gazelle. Check your sources.

  3. Overall the Pronghorn is the best runner on the planet. Anything more than a short sprint and the Cheetah is eating the Pronghorn’s dust. Wolves chase Pronghorns fore MILES and MILES.

  4. i knew that the antelope was second fatest and cheetah was first bc in a video cheetah was runing down the antelope and it breezed left cheetah so the cheetah had to speed up and the antelope got away

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