Top 10 Easter Eggs [PART 2] ★ Video Games

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0:00 Peter Sandberg – Descend 2
1:41 Peter Sandberg – Descend 1
3:57 Peter Sandberg – Descend 3
6:11 Gustavsson & Sandberg – The Son Of Zeus 1
9:24 Gustavsson & Sandberg – The Son Of Zeus 3
13:51 Gustavsson & Sandberg – The Son Of Zeus 2

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  1. Hey! We want to record an easter egg from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops III. But the game costs a fuckton and the easter egg requires the Digital Deluxe edition. I’m not ready to buy it for this one easter egg. If anyone is willing to share his account with the game for a moment or gift the game itself – your help would be very welcome. If you’re ready to help – please leave a comment on my steam profile and set your steam profile to “public”. Cheers!

  2. I adore easter eggs, I always think they are amazing and interesting. Thats why I love this Channel, thanks for the content.

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