Top 10 Desired Third Party GameCube Games for Switch Virtual Console

If a GameCube virtual console on the Nintendo Switch includes third party classics, these are ten games I want to be part of that.
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  1. Man my third party list would be totally different. Though I do want to give timesplitters 2 a second chance. I think at the time I was way into Halo.

  2. I wonder who owns Rogue Leader, now that Factor 5 has gone bankrupt, Lucas Arts has died and Disney Interactive has been shut down?

  3. I had a few other ideas that could work.

    1.) Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut
    2.) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
    3.) Super Monkey Ball Adventure (uses the Gamecube version)
    4.) Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD (uses the Gamecube version, now remastered for HD like the PSN and Xbox Live versions)

  4. Superb list.  I’d swap out the Simpsons game for Need For Speed Underground 2, and Soul Caliber for Baldurs Gate

  5. To be frank, I’m still satisfied with my original Xbox copy of SC Chaos Theory.

    Actually, the absence of Kojima might be good for Twins Snakes. I’ve heard he was one of the main reasons why the game was never re-released. He just wasn’t a big fan of that one.

    I liked TimeSplitters Future Perfect more than TS2, TBH.
    Also, why do people want TS4 so much anyway? TS3 ended the story. The Splitters are gone. The timeline is fixed. Happy end.

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