Top 10 Conspiracies of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Conspiracies of All Time
From the deaths of JFK and Princess Diana, to the collapse of the Twin Towers, the 2004 tsunami and even the moon landing, no huge event is immune to the conspiracy theory. In this video, counts down the Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of all time.
List Entries and Rank:
#10. Celebrity deaths
#9. Chemtrails
#8. 200Tsunami
#7. Philadelphia Experiment
#6. Manufactured diseases
#5. Princess Diana was murdered
#4. Aliens on Earth
#3. ??


  1. i knew there would be asleep people here who belive in democracy, that
    mainstream fake media tell the truth and that muslims created al qaeda
    and isis and do “terrrorattacks” i was right…

  2. 9/11 is an inside job. Physics dictates that the buildings should’ve stopped falling due to resistance and the loss of energy from the top 23 stories. But they fell at near free fall speed and this means the buildings were detonated, cause jet fuel can’t melt steel. jet fuel burns at 1000 degrees Celsius and steel can stand till 1500 degrees and 7 WTC was across the road from the main complex yet it fell roughly the same as the twin towers.

  3. If youv ever shot a rifle than you would know it would take EXTREME skill to make such an accurate shot from far away on a moving target With obstructions in the way. Most would be assasins just run up on someone with a pistol or unload an automatic into them. Im not saying it was a inside job(i am lol) butwhoever pulled that trigger had amazing marksmanship to get a headshot on the first shot

  4. There’s a reason believing in conspiracy theories makes you mentally unstable. There’s no evidence to back it up and it’s that mindset that you believe everyone is plotting against you.

  5. If you don’t think that the government would kill 3,000 people, then you’re wrong. The government used to infect thousands of black men with syphilis and purposefully not treat them just to see if it would kill them and it did. This is 100% fact BTW. You can look it up. If the government has no problem doing that then who knows what else they are willing to do.

  6. Conspiracy theorists are fucking crazy and just want control over things that they fear losing control of.


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