Top 10 Characteristics of a Leader

This video is a simple presentation that reveals the top 10 characteristics of a successful leader.


  1. 10. A successful will be able to communicate well
    9. A successful leader has the ability to form one-on-one relationships.
    8. A successful leader is a good listener.
    7. A successful leader surrounds himself with like-minded people.
    6. Successful leaders refuse to let others dictate how they should do certain things.
    5. A successful leader knows how to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses.
    4. A successful leader has the ability to acknowledged the need to change.
    3. A successful leader displays high levels of optimism and confidence.
    2. A successful leader is patient.
    1. Successful leaders are passionate at what they do.

    Are you a leader in your field?

    If you want to succeed in your career or business, it is important to be the leader in your field.

  2. The title should be “Top Ten Characteristics of a Successful Leader”. I know many leaders out there that don’t have these characteristics.

  3. If you like finding out who the leaders are or if you just are a leader plz go check out on the zzopretty Griffin channel the leader to the young

  4. Salaam..a good guide.May we be successful and humble leaders wherever we are ,in whatever we do..guiding one another towards road to success now and here after.hamdhqadrAMAN.

  5. Awesome.very informative.inspiring.from A -Z guidance.its not easy to be a successful humble leader..yet we can try..try harder.never give up.dont ever give up.try harder.hamdhqadrAMAN.

  6. There can be a second im command if he has a great
    Knowledge like the leader and the leader always get
    Sometimes loves from the last recruit and if think i’m
    Wrong try to see some movies shows or Games
    About Teams or something

  7. Ignore that. I was completely wrong. I met a friend who is a captain with the british army. When we were children he was such a wimp and a push over. Seeing him now, I could swear I wasn’t talking to the same person.

  8. I’ll check him out. I’ve got into the whole concept of leadership and always on the look out for new blood. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a good mentor.

  9. Look at some some of the replies below. I used to think that they were born but a few months ago I met a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. When we were younger he was a nervous wreck, gulible, confused and no real leadership. Now he’s a captain with the british army. His leadership really came through. I was wrong.

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