Top 10 Biggest Cities United States of America (USA)

Top 10 Biggest Cities USA (United States of America) / Top 10 Biggest Cities U.S (United States) by Population

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The United States of America Biggest City list was decided by Population.

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Top 10 Big Cities United States Top List:

10. San Jose, State: California Population: 1,025,350
9 Dallas, State: Texas Population: 1,317,929
8. San Diego, State: California Population: 1,406,630
7. San Antonio, State: Texas Population: 1,492,510
6. Philadelphia, State: Pennsylvania Population: 1,567,872
5. Phoenix, State: Arizona Population: 1,615,017
4. Houston, State: Texas Population: 2,303,482
3. Chicago, State: Illinois Population: 2,704,958
2. Los Angeles, State: California Population: 3,976,322
1. New York, State: New York Population: 8,537,673

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